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Activities Handle by SSL Computer Education

The world is changing. We now live in a digital age where computer programming, software development, and technological innovation are the forefront of discovery.

The programs that have been involved in engaging, challenging and have ignited a passion in them for engineering and technology which has encouraged them to pursue these dreams as a career.

With these programs, children gain practical and academic skills that prepare them for success at the elementary level right through to university and beyond.

SSL Education having 20 Years of experience in Computer Education field. Our moto is Delivering Quality Education and Services. We support all kind of Students, Housewifes to reach next level in Computer world. 

We are conducting Career Seminors, Placement Workshops, IT Competition, Industry update, Award won.!

To provide value-based education and mould the character of the younger generation through a system of wholesome learning, so that the earnest endeavour to achieve progress and prosperity in life is matched by an ardent desire to extend selfless service to society, one complementing the other.


No.20, North Veli street,
Madurai - 625001,
Tamil Nadu.